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VapI, a new member of the Rhodococcus equi Vap family.

Rhodococcus equi is a facultative intracellular bacterium which can cause bronchopneumonia in foals and AIDS patients. In this report we show that the ORF13-protein coded by the virulence associated plasmid of R. equi is clearly homologous to VapE. Nucleotide sequence analysis revealed frame shift mutations that shorten the sequence of the ORF13-protein. A theoretical extension of the sequence of ORF13 by the introduction of a single nucleotide yields a translated amino acid sequence that is highly homologous to VapE and other members of the Vap family. The data provided in this study indicate that the ORF13-protein is a novel member of the Vap family and is therefore designated VapI.[1]


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