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Immunostaining of human brain capillaries by antibodies to very late antigens.

Normal and neurologically diseased brain tissue was stained with antibodies directed against very late antigens (VLAs) 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, their common beta 1-subunit, and three extracellular proteins: collagen type IV, laminin and fibronectin. Strong staining of capillaries was obtained in both normal and pathological tissue with antibodies to collagen type IV and its putative receptor VLA-1; laminin and its putative receptor VLA-6; and the common VLA beta 1-subunit. Only residual plasma in vessels was stained with the antibody to fibronectin. Negative staining was obtained with antibodies to the fibronectin receptor VLA-5 and VLA-3. Trace staining was obtained with the antibody to VLA-2.[1]


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