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Concomitant down-regulation of SPRY1 and SPRY2 in prostate carcinoma.

Sprouty proteins encoded by the SPRY genes act as modulators and feedback inhibitors of signalling by epidermal growth factor ( EGF) and fibroblast growth factor (FGF). Overactivity of EGF and FGF signalling common in prostate cancer might therefore be exacerbated by Sprouty down-regulation. Indeed, down-regulation of SPRY1 and SPRY2 expression has been independently reported. We found both genes modestly down-regulated by microarray expression analysis of microdissected prostate cancers and by quantitative RT-PCR in macrodissected specimens compared with benign tissues. Importantly, the decreases paralleled each other and expression levels of both genes were significantly lower in cancers that recurred within the average follow-up period of 32 months. In contrast to a previous report, no hypermethylation was found to accompany down-regulation of SPRY2 in cancer tissues and cell lines. We additionally investigated the expression of an SPRY1 alternative transcript presumed to be specific for fetal tissues and found its expression moderately well correlated with expression of the standard transcript through diverse tissues and cell lines. The present study confirms and extends previous reports by demonstrating concomitant down-regulation and a significant association with recurrence of SPRY genes.[1]


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