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Gastrin, cholecystokinin and their precursors in acoustic neuromas.

Using sequence-specific radioimmunoassays the occurrence of 4 neuropeptides (cholecystokinin (CCK), gastrin, somatostatin, substance P and some of their precursors) was examined in 19 human acoustic nerve tumors and corresponding normal tissue. The normal acoustic nerve tissue obtained by autopsy contained traces of CCK, somatostatin, and substance P (less than or equal to 0.5 pmol/g), but neither proCCK, gastrin nor progastrin. In contrast 8 tumors expressed proCCK (range 0.2-4.5 pmol/g), 3 tumors gastrin (0.1-7.3 pmol/g) and 14 tumors progastrin (0.6-2.2 pmol/g). Traces of somatostatin were present in two and substance P in one tumor. The results show that acoustic neuromas often express the homologous CCK and gastrin genes, but process their propeptides poorly to transmitter-active peptides. The tumor synthesis of gastrin/progastrin contrasts to the rare, sporadic expression of the gastrin gene in normal nerve tissue.[1]


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