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Cochlear Nerve

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  • The results also demonstrate, however, that formation of persistent and functional synapses with NM neurons throughout development is not sufficient to induce any axon to assume the calycine form of a cochlear nerve endbulb.(ABSTRACT TRUNCATED AT 250 WORDS)[21]
  • CNQX, given from E8 to E15 or only from E8 to E10, also blocked the 33% neuronal loss in the nucleus magnocellularis (NM) that follows surgical destruction of the otocyst on E3, a procedure that deafferents NM neurons by preventing formation of the cochlear nerve [22].
  • MRI detected a small hyperintense lesion along the acoustic nerve; the lesion decreased in size and then disappeared after steroid treatment [23].
  • This is consistent with a selective action of dopamine transporter inhibitors on auditory nerve activity [24].
  • The effects of intracochlear and systemic furosemide on the properties of single cochlear nerve fibres in the cat [25].

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