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The acute intoxicating effects of ethanol are not dependent on the vasopressin 1a or 1b receptors.

Studies of the role of vasopressin (Avp) in mediating the effects of ethanol have focused on Avp's role in altering kidney function via its action through the vasopressin 2 receptor. However, alcohol consumption also has central effects that are poorly understood. There is evidence that Avp may mediate ethanol consumption as well as some of ethanol's behavioral effects. Centrally only two Avp receptor subtypes are expressed: the 1a receptor (Avpr1a) and the 1b receptor (Avpr1b). To determine the extent to which these receptors mediate the behavioral effects of alcohol, we used mice with targeted disruptions of either their Avpr1a or Avpr1b gene. We examined the effects of genotype on the acute intoxicating effects of ethanol as well as on voluntary ethanol consumption. Surprisingly, our findings indicate that there is no interaction between either the Avpr1a or Avpr1b and ethanol on motor coordination, hypothermia, mood, or voluntary ethanol consumption.[1]


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