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Effects of sulfated hyaluronan on keratinocyte differentiation and Wnt and Notch gene expression.

Sulfated hyaluronan (SHya), which is composed of a sulfated group and hyaluronan (Hya), has high activity on and biocompatibility with cells. When normal human epidermal keratinocytes (NHEKs) were incubated in dishes coated with SHya, cell proliferation was suppressed in a dose-dependent manner. The expression levels of keratin 1 and loricrin mRNAs, as detected by real-time RT-PCR, were increased significantly. The expressions of Wnt mRNAs, which play important roles in cell proliferation and differentiation, were modulated. Wnt4 and Wnt6 mRNA expressions were increased compared to controls, while expression of Wnt5a was similar to the control and that of Wnt7a mRNA was decreased. In addition, the expression of Notch mRNAs, which play a critical role in keratinocyte differentiation, were affected. Notch3 mRNA was increased significantly, while Notch1 mRNA was decreased compared to controls, and expression of Notch2 was similar to that of control. These results suggested that a SHya-coated scaffold might be useful for regulating cell activity in tissue engineering.[1]


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