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Ultrafast electron-transfer and solvent adiabaticity effects in viologen charge-transfer complexes.

We report ultrafast electron transfer (ET) in charge-transfer complexes that shows solvent relaxation effects consistent with adiabatic crossover models of nonadiabatic ET. The complexes of either dimethyl viologen (MV) or diheptyl viologen (HV) with 4,4'-biphenol (BP) (MVBP or HVBP complexes) have identical charge-transfer spectra and kinetics in ethylene glycol with approximately 900 fs ET decay. We assign this decay time as largely due to adiabatic control of a predicted approximately 40 fs nonadiabatic ET. The MVBP decay in methanol of 470 fs is reduced in mixtures having low (2-20%) concentrations of acetonitrile to as short as 330 fs; these effects are associated with faster relaxation time in methanol and its mixtures. In contrast, HVBP has much longer ET decay in methanol (730 fs) and mixture effects that only reduce its decay to 550 fs. We identify the heptyl substituent as creating major perturbations to solvent relaxation times in the methanol solvation shell of HVBP. These charge-transfer systems have reasonably well-defined geometry with weak electronic coupling where the electronic transitions are not dependent on intramolecular motions. We used a nonadiabatic ET model with several models for adiabatic crossover predictions to discuss the small variation of energy gap with solvent and the ET rates derived from adiabatic solvent control. A time correlation model of solvent relaxation was used to define the solvent relaxation times for this case of approximately zero-barrier ET.[1]


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