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Chemical Compound Review

p,p'-Biphenol     4-(4-hydroxyphenyl)phenol

Synonyms: p,p'-Diphenol, PubChem8927, CHEMBL76398, SureCN15632, NSC-8711, ...
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Biological context of ASM DOD

  • Charge recombination (CR) kinetics following photoinduced charge transfer are measured by optical transient absorption for complexes of dimethyl viologen and diheptyl viologen with 4,4'-biphenol (MVBP and HVBP) in methanol [6].
  • However, enzymic hydrolysis of DNA releases the bound polymers. p,p'-Biphenol, however, did not bind to DNA following peroxidase-catalysed oxidation, but o,o'-biphenol readily binds to DNA following peroxidase-catalysed oxidation [7].

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