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Synergism between apple procyanidins and lysosomotropic drugs: potential in chemoprevention.

BACKGROUND: Procyanidins are apple constituents with potential in colon cancer chemoprevention. MATERIALS AND METHODS: Human colon cancer derived metastatic cells (SW620), growing under standardized conditions, were exposed to procyanidins and lysosomotropic compounds. Growth, apoptosis and lysosomal integrity was determined using published methods. RESULTS: Lysosomotropic drugs (MDL 72527, phenylalanine methylester and chloroquine) amplified procyanidin-induced growth inhibition and apoptosis in SW620 cells at non-cytotoxic concentrations. The improved toxicity of the drug combinations relies primarily on the enhancement of lysosomal membrane permeability. CONCLUSION: Combinations with non-toxic concentrations of lysosomotropic compounds improve the anti-carcinogenic properties of apple procyanidins.[1]


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