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HPLC determination of chlorhexidine gluconate and p-chloroaniline in topical ointment.

A novel fast isocratic reversed-phase HPLC method for simultaneous determination of chlorhexidine and its degradation product p-chloroaniline was developed. Zorbax SB Phenyl column (75mmx4.6mm, 3.5mum) was used for the separation. Mobile phase composed of acetonitrile and buffer solution of 0.08M sodium phosphate monobasic containing 5ml of triethylamine (0.5%) and adjust with 85% phosphoric acid to pH 3.0 in ratio 35:65 (v/v) pumped isocratically at flow rate 0.6mlmin(-1) was used. UV detection was performed at 239nm, the total analysis time was about 10min. The method is suitable for practical routine analysis of topical ointment in the quality control laboratory.[1]


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