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Quality Control

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Disease relevance of Quality Control

  • Aberrant folding and defective trafficking of CFTRDeltaF508 is the principal cause of cystic fibrosis, but how the endoplasmic-reticulum quality-control system targets CFTR for degradation remains unknown [1].
  • E. coli has a system of protein quality control surveillance mediated by the ssrA-encoded peptide tagging system [2].
  • The FtsH protease slr0228 is important for quality control of photosystem II in the thylakoid membrane of Synechocystis sp. PCC 6803 [3].
  • Our results suggest that the exclusion of proteins by the ER quality control system, crosstalk between the EGF- and INF-induced signalling pathways and the regulation of INF-inducible genes are all altered in the prostate cancer cells [4].
  • When performing susceptibility testing with H. influenzae with the beta-lactam-beta-lactamase inhibitors, in addition to quality control testing with H. influenzae ATCC 49247, testing of E. coli ATCC 35218 on Haemophilus test medium is an effective way to monitor the beta-lactamase inhibitors in some antimicrobial agent-methodology combinations [5].

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High impact information on Quality Control

  • It has become evident that the modifications that take place in the ER reflect a spectrum of functions related to glycoprotein folding, quality control, sorting, degradation, and secretion [8].
  • Loss of SAN1 results in a chronic stress response, underscoring its role of protein quality control in the cell [9].
  • Folding and quality control of the VHL tumor suppressor proceed through distinct chaperone pathways [10].
  • The Ro 60 kDa autoantigen binds misfolded RNAs and likely functions in small RNA quality control [11].
  • AAA proteases comprise a conserved family of membrane bound ATP-dependent proteases that ensures the quality control of mitochondrial inner-membrane proteins [12].

Chemical compound and disease context of Quality Control


Biological context of Quality Control


Anatomical context of Quality Control


Associations of Quality Control with chemical compounds

  • Consideration of separate lines of work on this versatile pathway now indicate that despite its central role as an avenue of cellular quality control, ERAD is also harnessed for feedback regulation of sterol synthesis, and most likely numerous other cellular processes [28].
  • Cytosolic accumulation of prion protein seems to be neurotoxic and might occur when proteasome function is compromised and quality control is overwhelmed [29].
  • We report that a key pathway of ER quality control consists of a two-lectin receptor system consisting of Yos9p and Htm1/Mnl1p that recognizes N-linked glycan signals embedded in substrates [30].
  • One quality control factor is HtrA, one of a new class of oligomeric serine proteases [31].
  • Two central issues in polyglutamine-induced neurodegeneration are the influence of the normal function of the disease protein and modulation by protein quality control pathways [32].

Gene context of Quality Control

  • We propose that at this confined site the perinuclear Mlp1 implements a quality control step prior to export, physically retaining faulty pre-mRNAs [33].
  • Calnexin is a ubiquitous ER chaperone that plays a major role in quality control by retaining incompletely folded or misfolded proteins [34].
  • The truncated cytoplasmic tail of HLA-G serves a quality-control function in post-ER compartments [35].
  • Contrasting functions of calreticulin and calnexin in glycoprotein folding and ER quality control [36].
  • We conclude that the chaperone PDI is part of the quality control machinery in the ER that recognizes terminally misfolded secretory proteins and targets them to the export channel in the ER membrane [37].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Quality Control


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