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Effect of smoking and smoking cessation on bone mass, bone remodeling, vitamin D, PTH and sex hormones.

Objective: To assess the effect of smoking and smoking cessation on bone density, bone remodeling markers, sex hormones, and vitamin D-PTH axis in healthy young subjects. Materials and methods: We studied 74 healthy people (31 men, 43 women; mean age 32.2 (7) years) divided into 52 never smokers and 22 smokers, 15 of which stopped smoking for one month. Results: Male smokers compared with never smokers showed lower BMD (0.971 (0.11) g/cm(2) vs. 1.069 (0.09) g/cm(2), P=0.042); higher plasma estrone levels (32.37 (10.13) pg/mL vs. 20.91 (5.46) pg/mL, P=0.001); and lower serum iPTH levels (16.2 (3.5) pg/mL vs. 28.8 (2.0) pg/mL, P=0.008). In women, BMD values were similar in smokers than in never smokers, but 25-hydroxyvitamin D levels were lower in smokers (31.9 (15.1) ng/mL vs. 16.8 (9.9) ng/mL, P=0.002). After adjusting by age and coffee consumption, female smokers had higher urinary-NTX levels than never smokers. After smoking cessation, statistically significant decreases of 25-hydroxyvitamin D and SHBG plasma levels were observed in men and women, respectively. Conclusions: Tobacco increases bone resorption and affects bone mass by some alterations in sex hormone metabolism, but also importantly by alterations on the vitamin D-PTH axis.[1]


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