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Monitoring molecular response by BCR- ABL, JH and WT-1 in Ph+ all treated with imatinib containing regimen: preliminary report of two cases.

We carried out sequential molecular monitoring of different markers on two BCR- ABL positive ALL patients receiving a standard dose induction regimen, which was followed by a maintenance therapy that alternated imatinib and chemotherapy administration. Molecular study was performed at diagnosis, at the end of the induction phase, and then every three months during maintenance therapy. Each marrow sample underwent BCR- ABL analysis (p210 and p190 expression by RT-PCR and Real-time PCR) and monoclonal JH rearrangement analysis, while WT1 gene expression was detected by Real-time PCR. At diagnosis we detected high WT1 expression associated with the presence of both BCR- ABL transcripts and monoclonal JH rearrangement in both patients. Hematological remission, as well as a molecular status characterized by undetectable BCR- ABL expression, normal levels of WT1 expression, and persistence of monoclonal JH rearrangement, were achieved by both patients post-therapy. Follow up of patient 1 showed a progressive increase in WT-1 and in p-190 transcript, which was followed by cytogenetic and hematological relapse. We observed a progressive increase in the p210 transcript without a concomitant increase in WT-1 levels in patient 2. JH rearrangement was detected in all the samples analyzed. The molecular results may indicate the persistence of JH rearranged clonal cells with undetectable BCR- ABL. From a clinical point of view, our preliminary experience suggests that simultaneous analysis of BCR- ABL, JH and WT-1 expression may improve the study of MRD in Ph+ ALL.[1]


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