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Luminal stimuli acutely sensitize visceromotor responses to distension of the rat stomach.

Inflammation can enhance responses to different stimuli consistent with the development of hypersensitivity. To determine whether sequentially applied stimuli interact, we determined visceromotor responses (VMR) to gastric distension, measured at baseline and 60 min after instillation of saline, glycocholic acid (GCA) or ethanol through a gastrostomy in controls and rats with gastric ulcers. In another series of experiments, chemicals were administered before and 60 min after repeated distension of the stomach. Ethanol, but not saline or GCA, increased VMR in controls with a more significant rise in rats with gastric ulcerations. GCA increased responses to gastric distension in controls, whereas GCA and ethanol enhanced responses to gastric distensions in rats with gastric ulcers. Responses to saline, GCA, or ethanol were not affected by repeated noxious distension of the stomach. Luminal stimuli can trigger visceromotor responses and sensitize gastric afferents to mechanical stimulation, thus potentially contributing to dyspeptic symptoms.[1]


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