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Changes in the cell surface of human diploid fibroblasts during cellular aging.

The electrophoretic mobility of 13 human diploid cell strains, TIG-1, TIG-2, TIG-3, TIG-7, WI-38, IMR-90, MRC-5, MRC-9, TIG-1H, TIG-1L, TIG-2M, TIG-2B, and TIG-3S, which were established from different tissues of human embryos, was studied at different passages. The net negative surface charge of the cells was characteristic for each cell strain and decreased significantly during the in vitro aging of the cells. The decrease in the net negative charge of the cells correlated well with the decrease in cell density throughout the life span of the cells. A strict linear correlation between the electrophoretic mobility and the number of cells harvested at each passage was obtained for all the human diploid cell strains. Moreover, almost the same linear regression coefficient of the cells was obtained among these cell strains. Therefore, the net negative surface charge of human diploid cell strains could serve as a cell surface marker for in vitro cellular aging.[1]


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