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Gene Review

RARRES2  -  retinoic acid receptor responder...

Homo sapiens

Synonyms: Chemerin, HP10433, RAR-responsive protein TIG2, Retinoic acid receptor responder protein 2, TIG2, ...
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Disease relevance of RARRES2

  • Using chronicity-based histologic grading, 50, 59, and 35 patients were glomerular grade (GG) 1a, GG1b, and GG2; 83 and 61 patients were tubulointerstitial grade (TIG) 1 and TIG2; and 25 patients had hyaline arteriolosclerosis [1].

High impact information on RARRES2


Biological context of RARRES2

  • The electrophoretic mobility of 13 human diploid cell strains, TIG-1, TIG-2, TIG-3, TIG-7, WI-38, IMR-90, MRC-5, MRC-9, TIG-1H, TIG-1L, TIG-2M, TIG-2B, and TIG-3S, which were established from different tissues of human embryos, was studied at different passages [3].
  • Based on the expression pattern of ChemR23 and TIG2, the physiological role in bone development, immune and inflammatory responses and the maintenance of skin is now being investigated [4].

Anatomical context of RARRES2

  • A three-step purification strategy for isolation of hamster TIG2 from CHO cells: characterization of two processed endogenous forms [5].

Associations of RARRES2 with chemical compounds

  • Finally, we demonstrate that TIG2 is expressed at high levels in nonlesional psoriatic skin but at lower levels in the psoriatic lesion and that its expression is up-regulated in psoriatic lesions after topical application of tazarotene [2].

Other interactions of RARRES2

  • The significant risk of progression in other low-grade lesions, such as GG1b or TIG2, suggests that the point of no return in IgA nephropathy may occur much earlier than perceived and that delayed biopsy in these patients no longer may be justified [1].
  • We have recently isolated a bioactive, circulating protein of human tazarotene-induced gene-2 (TIG2) as the natural ligand of the orphan receptor ChemR23 [5].


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