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Lipohyperplasia of the ileocecal valve.

Submucosal lipohyperplasia of the ileocecal valve (ICV) is reportedly a rarely diagnosed lesion of uncertain significance. Eight cases of ICV lipohyperplasia diagnosed in surgical specimens (seven resections, one biopsy) are reviewed: three cases were associated with right lower abdominal quadrant pain and ICV mass on barium enema or operative examination, two were associated with ICV mucosal acute inflammation and necrosis, and three were incidental in resections for cecal, appendiceal, and sigmoid neoplasia. To evaluate the frequency of ICV lipohyperplasia and any associated processes, a series of 51 autopsies was studied. Regarding lipohyperplasia in these valves, 10 (19.6%) were determined to have none, 14 (27.5%) were mild, 20 (39.2%) were moderate, and 7 (13.7%) were marked cases. Degree of lipohyperplasia correlated statistically with degree of cardiac right ventricular fatty infiltration (p = 0.0001), pancreatic fatty infiltration (p = 0.0314), and greater body weight of patient (p = 0.0009). No definite correlation was demonstrated with left ventricular, adrenal, or lymph node fatty infiltration, or with hepatic fatty change, body height, age of patient, or blood glucose. Various gastrointestinal symptoms and lesions accompanied lipohyperplasia, but no definite causal relationship was identified, except for one case of marked lipohyperplasia associated with marked mucosal necrosis and acute inflammation of ICV. In conclusion, ICV lipohyperplasia is a common finding that occasionally may be associated with clinical symptoms and other valve pathology. It correlates to some extent with right ventricular and pancreatic fatty infiltration and with greater body weight.[1]


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