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Propranolol and haemodynamic response in cirrhosis.

In the present study, we compared cirrhotic patients who had a decrease in the hepatic venous pressure gradient after propranolol intake to patients without a decrease. Twenty patients with cirrhosis and oesophageal varices were investigated during hepatic vein catheterization before and 90 min after an oral dose of 80 mg propranolol. The hepatic venous pressure gradient decreased by 12.6% (19.0 +/- 4.7 to 16.3 +/- 3.6 mm Hg, p less than 0.05). Eight (40%) out of 20 patients had a decrease of less than 10% in protal pressure (non-responders). Responders had a higher baseline cardiac index than non-responders (3.79 +/- 0.74 vs. 2.83 +/- 0.53 1.min-1.m-2; p less than 0.01). No difference in the effect of propranolol on portal pressure was observed between patients with or without ascites, or between Child-Turcotte A, B, and C class patients. Our results suggest that cirrhotic patients who respond to oral propranolol with a decrease in portal pressure are more hyperdynamic than those without a significant fall in portal pressure.[1]


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