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Regulation of ferredoxin-catalyzed photosynthetic phosphorylations.

Under aerobic conditions that are likely to prevail in chloroplasts in vivo, the optimal concentration of ferredoxin for cyclic photophosphorylation was found to be equal to that required for NADP reduction and about one-tenth of that needed for cyclic photophosphorylation under anaerobic conditions. In the presence of ferredoxin and NADP, cyclic photophosphorylation operated concurrently with noncyclic photophosphorylation, producing an ATP: NADPH ratio of about 1. 5. The effective operation of ferredoxin-catalyzed cyclic photophosphorylation by itself required a curtailment of the electron flow from water which was accomplished experimentally by the use of either an inhibitor or far-red monochromatic light. An unexpected discovery was that the operation of cyclic photophosphorylation by itself was also regulated by a back reaction of NADPH and ferredoxin with two components of chloroplast membranes, component C550 and cytochrome b559. The significance of these findings to photosynthesis in vivo is discussed.[1]


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