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Kinetic studies on protoporphyrinogen oxidase inhibition by diphenyl ether herbicides.

Diphenyl ethers (DPEs) and related herbicides are powerful inhibitors of protoporphyrinogen oxidase, an enzyme involved in the biosynthesis of haems and chlorophylls. The inhibition kinetics of protoporphyrinogen oxidase of various origins by four DPEs, (methyl)-5-[2-chloro-4-(trifluoromethyl)phenoxy]-2-nitrobenzoic acid (acifluorfen and its methyl ester, acifluorfen-methyl), methyl-5-[2-chloro-4-(trifluoromethyl) phenoxy]-2-chlorobenzoate (LS 820340) and methyl-5-[2-chloro-5-(trifluoromethyl)phenoxy]-2-nitrobenzoic acid (RH 5348), were studied. The inhibitions of the enzymes from maize (Zea mays) mitochondrial and etiochloroplastic membranes and mouse liver mitochondrial membranes were competitive with respect to the substrate, protoporphyrinogen IX, for all four molecules. The relative efficiencies of the inhibitors were: acifluorfen-methyl greater than LS 820340 much greater than RH 5348 greater than or equal to acifluorfen. The four molecules showed mixed-competitive type inhibition of the enzyme from yeast mitochondria where acifluorfen, a carboxylic acid, had the same inhibitory activity as its methyl ester, acifluorfen-methyl, and both were much greater than that of LS 820340 and RH 5348.[1]


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