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Apolipoprotein synthesis in normal and abetalipoproteinemic intestinal mucosa.

The genetic disease abetalipoproteinemia is characterized by a total absence of apolipoprotein B-containing lipoproteins from plasma. A presumed synthetic defect in apolipoprotein B synthesis was thought to be responsible for this disorder. The present study quantitates apoprotein B synthesis and apolipoprotein B messenger RNA levels in duodenal mucosa from normal patients and four patients with abetalipoproteinemia. After in vitro [3H]leucine incorporation, small intestinal biopsy specimens from three of four patients with abetalipoproteinemia synthesized immunoprecipitable apolipoprotein B of identical mobility (on sodium dodecyl sulfate gel electrophoresis) to normal apolipoprotein B. In abetalipoproteinemia, the apolipoprotein B content of intestinal mucosa by radioimmunoassay was 15% of normal mucosal values, whereas apolipoprotein B messenger RNA quantitation showed 3-20-fold increased levels compared with normal mucosa. In one patient, smaller-molecular-weight fragments of apolipoprotein B were immunoprecipitated from duodenal biopsy specimens. The synthesis rates and messenger RNA levels of two other chylomicron apoproteins (apolipoprotein A-I and apolipoprotein A-IV) were found to be reduced by 50%. These results show the synthesis of immunologically recognizable apolipoprotein B48 in abetalipoproteinemia. The significance of mucosal apolipoprotein B content in abetalipoproteinemia is discussed in terms of factors controlling apolipoprotein B synthesis in normal mucosa and in abetalipoproteinemia.[1]


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