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Hemodynamic study during transdermal application of nitroglycerin tape in patients with cirrhosis.

We studied 14 patients with portal hypertension and cirrhosis using portal and hepatic vein catheterizations to determine the effects of transdermal application of nitroglycerin tape (containing 10 mg of nitroglycerin and capable of releasing 6 to 7 mg of nitroglycerin in 12 hr) on splanchnic hemodynamics. Patients randomly received nitroglycerin (n = 7) or a placebo (n = 7). No significant changes were observed after the administration of the placebo. In contrast, transdermal nitroglycerin caused a significant reduction in portal pressure, as evaluated by measurements of the portal venous pressure gradient (-22%, p less than 0.01). The reduction of portal pressure was due to a decrease in the portal venous pressure, with no changes in the free hepatic venous pressure. Despite the fall in portal pressure, the hepatic blood flow was maintained. These findings suggest that transdermal nitroglycerin could be potentially useful in the treatment of portal hypertension associated with cirrhosis.[1]


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