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TGF beta-1 and TNF alpha expression in the epidermis of patients with epidermodysplasia verruciformis.

In epidermodysplasia verruciformis ( EV), the infection with specific human papillomaviruses (HPV) might be under control of the local immunosurveillance mechanisms related to cytokines produced by epidermal cells. We have investigated by in situ hybridization the expression of mRNA coding for TGF beta-1 and TNF alpha in the skin of patients with EV (n = 4) as compared to the skin lesions of patients with other premalignant (actinic keratosis; n = 5) or malignant (squamous cell carcinoma; n = 4) skin lesions, and to the skin of healthy individuals (n = 5). The expression of TGF beta-1 and TNF alpha mRNA was higher in the epidermis of EV patients as compared to the control skin from healthy individuals. The increased expression of mRNA for both cytokines was confirmed by northern blot analysis of RNA isolated from the skin lesions of the patient with EV. No specific signals for TGF beta-1 and TNF alpha were detected in actinic keratosis, and in cases of squamous cell carcinomas only single neoplastic cells were positive for TGF beta-1. It is conceivable that in EV TGF beta-1 and TNF alpha can be involved in the regulation of the growth and differentiation of HPV-infected keratinocytes and in the persistence of HPV-induced skin lesions.[1]


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