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Simian agent 8--a herpes simplex-like monkey virus.

This review summarizes the most recent information on Simian Agent 8, a herpes simplex-like monkey virus. The agent has a broad host range and--besides the classical morphogenesis (budding at the internal nuclear membrane)--the virus gets enveloped at all cytoplasmic membranes including the plasma membrane; strikingly it carries a rather prominent tegument. Regarding its sequence arrangement SA8 can be grouped to the E-type genomes. It has a G + C-content of 69% and a total DNA-homology with HSV-1 of 31%. The glycoproteins gC and gE are largely type-specific; whereas gB and gD as well as ICP35, ICP8 and the major capsid protein represent well conserved proteins of the simplexviruses. The type-common epitopes of gB and gD induce cross-reacting antibodies, which are even involved in cross-neutralization.[1]


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