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  • Murine fibroblast-derived VPC expressing herpes-simplex-virus type I thymidine kinase (HSV-tk) were genetically modified to co-express a human Fas ligand (CD95L) deletion mutant (DeltaFasL) resistant to enzymatic cleavage and shedding [17].
  • Herpesvirus papio 2 encodes a virion host shutoff function [18].
  • Sera were obtained from 985 patients for detection of Type I and II herpesvirus hominis antibodies [19].
  • Conversely, D.S.500 increased the resistance of mice to another group of herpes simplex-viruses (strains D-316, Thea, DD), if given 3 to 8 hours before infection [20].
  • We have sequenced the thymidine kinase gene of a canine herpesvirus, and with a multiple alignment have identified amino acids preferentially conserved in either of two taxons, the genera Varicellovirus and Simplexvirus, of the subfamily Alphaherpesvirinae [21].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Simplexvirus


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