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Estrogen receptor messenger RNA expression in rat hypothalamus as a function of genetic sex and estrogen dose.

Previously, we showed that estrogen receptor ( ER) messenger RNA (mRNA) levels are decreased in cells of the mediobasal hypothalamus of ovariectomized (OVX) female rats following an acute estradiol treatment. Here, we examined whether the level of ER mRNA remains depressed in the continued long-term presence of estradiol, and questioned if there is a systematic relationship between the concentration of estradiol and the decrease in ER mRNA level. OVX female rats were implanted for 2 weeks with silastic capsules containing various concentrations of estradiol. Tissue sections were hybridized with a [3H] single-stranded DNA probe prepared from the region of the rat ER complementary DNA corresponding to the steroid binding domain, and relative mRNA level was assessed by counting grains over cells in specific hypothalamic nuclei. Estradiol induced a dose-dependent decrease in ER mRNA levels. Message levels declined in the ventrolateral aspect of the ventromedial nucleus (VLVM) by 57% and in the arcuate nucleus by 62% at the highest hormone concentrations used. Thus, ER mRNA down-regulation in female rat hypothalamus exhibits orderly dose dependence at a time following hormone treatment which ensures the system is at steady state. A second study determined if there exist differences in basal levels of ER mRNA expression between castrated (CAS) females and males, and if estradiol can down-regulate ER mRNA levels in male hypothalamus. CAS rats of both sexes were exposed acutely to estradiol benzoate (EB) for different periods of time. Again, in females, EB significantly decreased ER mRNA levels in VLVM by 55% (18 h) and in the arcuate nucleus by 74% (18 h). Interestingly, control CAS males had significantly lower basal ER mRNA levels than OVX females (52% lower than female levels in VLVM; 56% in arcuate), suggesting a sex difference in constitutive expression levels. Moreover, EB failed to down-regulate significantly ER message levels in males. There was no significant effect of sex or EB treatment on ER mRNA levels in medial amygdala. Thus, the second study shows sex differences and brain-region specificity in hormonal regulation of ER mRNA. These findings show that differences in basal levels and regulation of ER mRNA could be a substrate for sex differences in ER concentrations in the hypothalamus of the rat, and further raise the possibility of sex differences in concentrations of nuclear proteins related to the control of ER gene expression.[1]


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