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Muscarinic receptor activity change after prolonged treatment with growth hormone and somatostatin.

1. The effect of 10-day treatment with growth hormone (GH) (1 mg/kg body weight day) and somatostatin (SRIF) (0.25 mg/kg body weight day) subcutaneously on the activity of muscarinic (M) receptors in rat hypothalamic, pituitary and cerebral cortical membrane fractions was studied using (3H)quinuclidinyl benzylate [(3H)QNB] as radioligand. 2. The administration of GH and SRIF significantly decreased the M-receptor binding affinity in the hypothalamus. 3. In the pituitary the M-receptor affinity was increased after both GH and SRIF treatment. 4. In the hypothalamus and the pituitary the binding capacity of muscarinic receptors was unchanged. 5. In the cerebral cortex the chronical GH injection induced an increase in the number of antagonist binding sites and a decrease of their affinity, while the similar SRIF treatment led to an increase of the binding affinity without any change of M-receptor capacity. 6. These results indicate that GH and SRIF selectively and region-specifically modulate muscarinic receptor binding affinity and capacity and provide new insight into the feedback regulatory mechanisms of GH secretion.[1]


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