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Yeast thioredoxin genes.

Based on the conserved protein sequence of thioredoxins from yeast and other organisms, two primers were synthesized for polymerase chain reaction of yeast genomic DNA. A 34-base pair (bp) sequence around the active site of yeast thioredoxin was obtained from the polymerase chain reaction product. This specific sequence was used as a probe in Southern blot analysis of total yeast genomic DNA digested with various restriction enzymes. Under conditions of high stringency, more than one DNA species hybridized with the probe, suggesting that more than one gene encodes yeast genomic library. Two Sau3A1 fragments, 825 and 2045 bp, respectively, from two different clones were cloned into pUC13. Sequence analysis of these fragments gave two different open reading frames without introns. The 825-bp Sau3A1 fragment encodes a 103-amino acid residue protein named thioredoxin I. The 2045-bp Sau3A1 fragment contains a sequence encoding thioredoxin II which has 102 amino acid residues. This is the first report of the cloning and sequencing of eukaryotic thioredoxin genes from any source. Both yeast thioredoxins contain a dithiol active site sequence, Cys-Gly-Pro-Cys. Thioredoxins I and II show 78% amino acid sequence identity. They display more amino acid sequence similarity with mammalian thioredoxin than with Escherichia coli and plant chloroplast thioredoxins.[1]


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