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Effects of chondroitinase ABC on intrathecal and peripheral nerve tissue. An in vivo experimental study on rabbits.

The enzyme chondroitinase ABC has recently been suggested for use in chemonucleolysis. The effects of 200 U ml of chondroitinase ABC were studied on intrathecal and peripheral nerve tissue in rabbits. After the intrathecal (subarachnoid) application of 0.2 ml of either the diluent in the control group (N = 2) or chondroitinase in the study group (N = 4), no neurologic deficit was detected. Compared with the control group, no morphologic changes at the light microscopic level were induced in the spinal cord by chondroitinase. No neurophysiologic differences were detected between tibial nerves after exposure to 1 ml of the diluent (control, N = 8) or chondroitinase (the other leg) for 4 weeks, nor did the study group, compared with the control group, show any morphologic changes in the tibial nerves. Because the concentration of chondroitinase ABC tested was approximately 40 times higher than might be used clinically for chemonucleolysis, the present study indicates a wide margin of safety for unwanted side effects on nerve tissue.[1]


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