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High cholestanol and low campesterol-to-sitosterol ratio in serum of patients with primary biliary cirrhosis before liver transplantation.

Serum levels of cholesterol precursors (squalene, delta 8-cholestanol, desmosterol and lathosterol), plant sterols (campesterol and sitosterol), cholestanol and cholestanol/noncholesterol sterol ratios were related to liver damage and liver transplantation indications in healthy controls (n = 26) and in 31 patients with primary biliary cirrhosis divided into group I (S-bilirubin less than 21 mumol/L; n = 14), group II (S-bilirubin 21 to 108 mumol/L; n = 7) and group III (elected for liver transplantation; S-bilirubin 109 to 520 mumol/L; n = 10). The mean serum respective lathosterol levels in controls and in group I were three and two times higher than those in groups II and III, respectively. The plant sterol contents were higher in group II than in groups I and III and the campesterol/sitosterol ratios were lowest in group III. The serum cholestanol levels were high even in group I (i.e., in patients without icterus) and increased progressively to group III, up to 6 and 13 times those in group I and the control group, respectively. The cholestanol/noncholesterol sterol ratios increased progressively from the controls to groups I, II and III. The serum cholestanol levels were positively related to serum bilirubin levels in all primary biliary cirrhosis patients (n = 31, r = 0.906) and to the plant sterol levels in the control group and group I, but significantly negatively in group III. The cholestanol vs. precursor sterol correlations were negative in most cases.(ABSTRACT TRUNCATED AT 250 WORDS)[1]


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