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Disease relevance of Jaundice


High impact information on Jaundice

  • The serum cholestanol levels were high even in group I (i.e., in patients without icterus) and increased progressively to group III, up to 6 and 13 times those in group I and the control group, respectively [6].
  • One patient developed increased icterus leading to withdrawal of estradiol [7].
  • This report suggests that plasma cholesterol is diminished by hepatitis prior to the development of icterus [8].
  • IgM antibodies to HAV reached highest concentrations between one and three weeks after onset of icterus and were measurable in follow-up sera for at least 12 months after infection [9].
  • Icterus, lipemia, hemoglobin, or disproteinemia had no effect on the analytical recovery of digoxin [10].

Chemical compound and disease context of Jaundice

  • Corneal icterus resulting from stromal bilirubin deposition [11].
  • Obstructive icterus and even pulmonary infiltration responded successfully to treatment with ursodeoxycholic acid [12].
  • Major side effects of the quinolones included persistent icterus in one patient receiving ofloxacin and psychiatric symptoms in one patient receiving ciprofloxacin [13].
  • Caffeine predose monitoring is adequate up to 46 weeks postconceptional, and caffeine half-life determination is mandatory whenever the trough level is too high or too low, icterus is present, and from 46 to 50 weeks postconception [14].
  • In an infant who suffered from prolonged icterus and hepatocellular dysfunction we detected an increase of citrulline and dibasic amino acids in plasma and urine [15].

Biological context of Jaundice


Anatomical context of Jaundice


Gene context of Jaundice

  • We sequenced 2005 bp of the mitochondrial ND2 and cytochrome b genes from the 25 recognized species of New World orioles (Icterus) [20].
  • These doses preventing death reduced liver icterus scores, serum alanine aminotransferase and aspartate aminotransferase levels, and liver and serum virus titers relative to placebo controls [21].
  • Interference by haemolysis, icterus and lipaemia in assays on the Beckman Synchron CX5 and methods for correction [22].
  • Reduced hepatic icterus, serum oxalic acid transaminase, serum glutamic pyruvic acid transaminase, and recoverable virus titers from livers and sera of infected mice were also seen as a result of ribamidine treatment [23].
  • To decide on the acceptability of a specimen for the measurement of serum CK-MB, troponin I and myoglobin, we investigated the influence of hemolysis, turbidity, and icterus on those tests by adding arbitrarily made interferents [24].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of Jaundice


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