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Endoribonuclease activity associated with animal RNA viruses.

A specific endoribonucleolytic activity was detected when detergent-lysed vesicular stomatitis of Sendai virus was incubated with the precursor to Escherichia coli tRNA Tyr. The cleavage products produced and the characteristics of the reaction were similar to those previously reported for human KB cell RNase NU. Like RNase NU, the virus-associated reaction generates 5'-hydroxyl and 3'-phosphate groups at the cleavage sites. At protein concentrations similar to those used to test vesicular stomatitis and Sendai viruses, virions of Sindbis virus and poliovirus also exhibited endoribonucleolytic activity, but reovirus, simian virus 40, and minute virus of mice did not. This endoribonuclease may be of physiological relevance to some of the viruses we tested.[1]


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