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Influence of hyperalimentation on rat hepatic microsomal fluidity and function.

Total parenteral nutrition with an amino acid-glucose solution has previously been shown to decrease rat hepatic drug metabolism compared with drug metabolic activity observed in rats receiving the same solution enterally and chow-fed animals. Because changes in membrane fluidity and lipid composition are reported to influence activity of a number of liver enzymes, effects of parenteral and enteral nutrition on hepatic microsomal membrane fluidity and lipid composition were assessed and compared with hepatic mixed-function oxidase activity. Both parenteral and enteral hyperalimentation produced a significant decrease in microsomal membrane fluidity (fluorescence anisotropy = 0.155 +/- 0.003 in both experimental groups versus 0.129 +/- 0.003 for microsomes from chow-fed animals). However, meperidine demethylase activity was significantly decreased compared with chow-fed experiments only in hepatic microsomes from parenterally hyperalimented animals, whereas ethoxyresorufin deethylase activity was significantly reduced only in the enteral-nutrition group. Inclusion of lipid in the parenterally administered hyperalimentation solution normalized microsomal membrane fluidity and lipid profile to those of chow-fed animals but did not increase hepatic meperidine demethylation. Both parenteral and enteral nutrition produce significant changes in physical state and lipid composition of rat hepatic microsomal membranes, but these changes are not responsible for the altered hepatic drug metabolism observed during hyperalimentation.[1]


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