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Myristylated polyomavirus VP2: role in the life cycle of the virus.

The double-stranded genome of the small DNA tumor virus, polyomavirus, is enclosed in a capsid composed of a major protein, VP1, which associates as pentameric capsomeres into an icosahedral structure, and two minor proteins, VP2 and VP3, whose functions and positions within the structure are unknown. The N-terminal glycine of the VP2 coat protein has been shown to be cotranslationally acylated with myristic acid. To study the function of this modification and the role of VP2 in the life cycle of polyomavirus, the N-terminal glycine, critical to the myristylation consensus sequence, has been altered to a glutamic acid or a valine residue by site-directed oligonucleotide mutagenesis. The glycine----glutamic acid mutant DNA has been further studied. When transfected into cells permissive for the polyomavirus full lytic life cycle, this mutant DNA replicated at levels comparable to those of wild-type viral DNA, and small amounts of nonrevertant (mutant) virus could be harvested from the cultures. The virus particles viewed by electron microscopy appeared slightly distorted, but the ratio of full to empty particles was similar to that produced in a wild-type viral infection. Mutant virus was capable of reinfecting permissive cells but with a considerably reduced efficiency.[1]


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