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Purification and characterization of calmodulin-dependent multifunctional protein kinase from smooth muscle: isolation of caldesmon kinase.

Previously, it was reported that smooth muscle caldesmon is a protein kinase and is autophosphorylated [Scott-Woo, G.C., & Walsh, M.P. (1988) Biochem. J. 252, 463-472]. We separated a Ca2+/calmodulin-dependent protein kinase from caldesmon in the presence of 15 mM MgCl2. The Ca2+/calmodulin-dependent caldesmon kinase was purified by using a series of liquid chromatography steps and was characterized. The subunit molecular weight (MW) of the kinase was 56K by SDS gel electrophoresis and was autophosphorylated. After the autophosphorylation, the kinase became active even in the absence of Ca2+/calmodulin. The substrate specificity of caldesmon kinase was similar to the rat brain calmodulin-dependent multifunctional protein kinase II (CaM PK-II) and phosphorylated brain synapsin and smooth muscle 20-kDa myosin light chain. The purified kinase bound to caldesmon, and the binding was abolished in the presence of high MgCl2. Enzymological parameters were measured for smooth muscle caldesmon kinase, and these were KCaM = 32 nM, KATP = 12 microM, Kcaldesmon = 4.9 microM, and KMg2+ = 1.1 mM. Optimum pH was 7.5-9. 5. The observed properties were similar to brain CaM PK-II, and, therefore, it was concluded that smooth muscle caldesmon kinase is the isozyme of CaM PK-II in smooth muscle.[1]


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