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A double-blind comparison of the efficacy and acceptability of Femodene and Microgynon-30.

The efficacy, cycle-control and tolerance of Microgynon-30, a widely prescribed levonorgestrel containing oral contraceptive, and Femodene, a new oral-contraceptive containing gestodene, were compared in a randomised, double-blind study involving 456 healthy women over a 6 month period. 229 women were allocated to receive Femodene and 227 received Microgynon-30. No differences between the groups in terms of obstetric and gynaecological history, previous contraceptive history, smoking habits, blood-pressure or body weight at admission were observed. No pregnancies were reported in either group, despite tablet-taking errors recorded in 6.3% of the Femodene group and 7.6% of the Microgynon-30 group. Both oral contraceptives were compared in terms of cycle length, intensity of the withdrawal bleed and side effects. Cycle-control was similar in the two groups. However, significantly fewer subjects reported breakthrough bleeding (with or without spotting) in the Femodene group (18% of patients) compared with the Microgynon-30 group (26% of patients). The incidence of absent withdrawal bleeds was 1% or less in both groups and no significant effects on body weight or blood pressure were observed.[1]


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