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REB1, a yeast DNA-binding protein with many targets, is essential for growth and bears some resemblance to the oncogene myb.

REB1 is a DNA-binding protein that recognizes sites within both the enhancer and the promoter of rRNA transcription as well as upstream of many genes transcribed by RNA polymerase II. We report here the cloning of the gene for REB1 by screening a yeast genomic lambda gt11 library with specific oligonucleotides containing the REB1 binding site consensus sequence. The REB1 gene was sequenced, revealing an open reading frame encoding 809 amino acids. The predicted protein was highly hydrophilic, with numerous OH-containing amino acids and glutamines, features common to many of the general DNA-binding proteins of Saccharomyces cerevisiae, such as ABF1, RAP1, GCN4, and HSF1. There was some homology between a portion of REB1 and the DNA-binding domain of the oncogene myb. REB1 is an essential gene that maps on chromosome II. However, the physiological role that it plays in the cell has yet to be established.[1]


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