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A new method for purification of Eimeria tenella merozoites.

A rapid and simple method for purifying second generation merozoites of Eimeria tenella was developed using a host tissue digestion fluid, containing 0.25% trypsin and 0.5% taurodeoxycholic acid, to liberate merozoites grown in chick embryos or from parasitized ceca. After filtration, the digestion procedure yielded 1.4 x 10(7) or 8.33 x 10(7) merozoites per embryo or cecum, respectively. These yields were nine-fold for embryos and three-fold for ceca in comparison to previous reports. Viability of the merozoites was normal as assessed by their ability to reinfect embryos and cell cultures. The new method has advantages in that large numbers of pure, viable merozoites can be obtained quickly and easily, and the procedures require minimal effort and supplies.[1]


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