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Amplification of growth inhibition by glucocorticoid on L5178Y and L1210 lymphoblasts in vivo.

One component of a factor in Proteus mirabilis (Factor 1) which specifically amplifies the induction of several liver enzymes by glucocorticoid in target cells also increases the growth inhibition of glucocorticoid on the ascitic form of L1210 cells and solid tumors of L5178Y lymphoblasts in vivo. The growth of L5U78Y and L1210 lymphoblasts was inhibited by a triamcinolone acetonide dose of over 0.5 to 1.0 mg/kg body weight. Factor 1 increased the inhibitory effect of a triamcinolone acetonide dose of less than 4.0 mg/kg bodyweight but had little effect on the effects of doses of over 4.0 mg. Factor 1 (10 biological units/kg body weight) itself also caused marked inhibition of the growth of these lymphoblasts without affecting the body weight or adrenal gland weight, its effect being equivalent to that of 3- to 4-mg/kg body weight doses of triamcinolone acetonide alone. There was no significant difference in the level of plasma total corticoids or that of plasma adrenocorticotropic hormone between rats treated with 0.9% NaCl solution or those treated with Factor 1, and Factor 1 had no cytotoxic effec on cultured L5178Y lymphoblasts. Thus, Factor 1 may amplify the effect of physiological level of glucocorticoid in mice sufficiently to inhibit the growth of these lymphoblasts without causing any significant side effects to the host animal.[1]


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