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R-plasmid mediated transfer of beta-lactam resistance in Bacteroides fragilis.

We described plasmid mediated transfer of resistance to beta-lactam antibiotics between Bacteroides fragilis strains. Ampicillin-resistance was transferred from B. fragilis strain GAI-10150 to a B. fragilis strain JC-101 with a frequency of 10(-6)/input donor by a filter mating technique. A common plasmid band, named pBFKW1, was found in both the donor and the transconjugants. The plasmid was purified by an ethidium bromide-CsCl ultracentrifugation. The molecular size of the plasmid pBFKW1 which seemed to encode the beta-lactam resistance and beta-lactamase production was estimated ca. 40 kb by the analysis of endonuclease digest. Substrate profile of the enzymes derived from the donor and a transconjugant were of cephalosporinase character.[1]


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