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Treatment of disseminated hepatoblastoma involving bilateral lobes.

A 30-month-old boy was investigated because of a huge abdominal mass in the right upper abdomen. A computed tomography scan and celiac angiography showed that the tumor involved bilateral lobes of the liver. At first, for this disseminated and "unresectable" tumor we did liver biopsy and hepatic arterial catheterization. Through this catheter we started chemotherapy using THP-Adriamycin and cis-platinum. After three courses of chemotherapy, a second-look operation was performed and trisegmentectomy was done to remove the main tumor and metastases, including the left lobe and the right anterior segment. The trisegmentectomy was performed with success, and the boy's serum alpha-fetoprotein ( AFP) remains normal 37 months after the start of treatment, indicating a probable permanent cure. Such cases have rarely been reported in the literature. Our experience in treating this patient would seem to encourage aggressive management of advanced hepatoblastoma in other patients.[1]


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