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Relationships among selenium, vitamin E, and mammary gland health in commercial dairy herds.

Nine well-managed dairy herds were monitored for 1 yr to determine if bulk tank SCC and rate of clinical mastitis were associated with dietary and plasma Se and vitamin E status. Intakes of Se and vitamin E were 1 to 16 mg/d and 100 to 900 mg/d, respectively. Plasma Se concentrations were correlated positively with intakes of Se below 5 mg/d but were independent of Se intakes above 5 mg/d. Feeding vitamin E increased plasma concentrations of tocopherol, but the influence of dietary vitamin E on plasma concentrations was four times greater for dry cows than for lactating cows probably due to secretion of tocopherol into colostrum and milk. Bulk tank SCC averaged 5.4 log10/ml and decreased significantly as Se concentration in plasma increased. Plasma glutathione peroxidase was correlated positively to Se intake but negatively to SCC. Rate of clinical mastitis was negatively related to plasma Se concentration and concentration of vitamin E in the diet. An apparent interaction between dietary Se and vitamin E was evident since herds fed high amounts of Se tended to have high rates of clinical mastitis, but not if high amounts of vitamin E were fed. These data confirm earlier findings that Se and vitamin E status of dairy cows are related to mammary gland health.[1]


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