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Chemical Compound Review

Tocopherols     2,7,8-trimethyl-2-(4,8,12...

Synonyms: Methyltocols, E-MIX 80, SureCN39640, AGN-PC-00EZ3W, CHEMBL420898, ...
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Disease relevance of gamma-Tocopherol


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Chemical compound and disease context of gamma-Tocopherol


Biological context of gamma-Tocopherol

  • On the other hand, cultivation of target cells with supplemental tocopherol protected them from the toxic effects of the enzymatic oxidant-producing system, indicating a role for membrane-associated free radicals in the mechanism of sister chromatid exchange induction [18].
  • To test whether tocopherols (vitamin E) are essential in the protection against oxidative stress in plants, a series of Arabidopsis thaliana vitamin E (vte) biosynthetic mutants that accumulate different types and levels of tocopherols and pathway intermediates were analyzed under abiotic stress [19].
  • The vte mutant phenotypes also explain the strong selection for retention of tocopherol biosynthesis during the evolution of seed-bearing plants [20].
  • These results confirm that At-VTE3 protein catalyzes the methylation of 2-methyl-6-phytylbenzoquinol in planta and show the utility of this gene in altering soybean tocopherol composition [21].
  • Complementation of the mutation with the wild-type transgene largely restored the wild-type tocopherol phenotype [22].

Anatomical context of gamma-Tocopherol


Associations of gamma-Tocopherol with other chemical compounds


Gene context of gamma-Tocopherol

  • Expression of VTE1 in Escherichia coli resulted in the production of a protein with high tocopherol cyclase and tocotrienol cyclase activity [29].
  • In the presence of PKC or PP2A inhibitors, the reduction of PKB phosphorylation by tocopherols was still observed, thus excluding the direct involvement of these enzymes [30].
  • Thus, the tocopherols interfere with PKB phosphorylation and reduce proliferation of HMC-1 cells, possibly by modulating either phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase, a kinase phosphorylating PKB (PDK1/2), or a phosphatase that dephosphorylates it [30].
  • To investigate whether HPT activity is limiting for tocopherol synthesis in plants, the gene encoding Arabidopsis HPT, HPT1, was constitutively overexpressed in Arabidopsis [31].
  • We describe the cloning and expression of two novel genes highly similar to the tocopherol-associated protein (hTAP/SEC14L2/SPF) [32].

Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of gamma-Tocopherol


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