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Location of a major antigenic site involved in Ross River virus neutralization.

The location of a major antigenic domain involved in the neutralization of an alphavirus, Ross River virus, has been defined in terms of its position in the amino acid sequence of the E2 glycoprotein. The domain encompasses three topographically close epitopes which were identified using three E2-specific neutralizing monoclonal antibodies in competitive binding assays. Nucleotide sequencing of the structural protein genes of monoclonal antibody-selected antigenic variants showed that for each variant there was a single nucleotide change in the E2 gene leading to a nonconservative amino acid substitution in E2. Changes were at positions 216, 234, and 246-251 in the amino acid sequence. The epitopes are in a region of E2 which, though not strongly conserved as to sequence among Ross River virus, Semliki Forest virus, and Sindbis virus, is conserved in its hydropathy profile among the three alphaviruses. The epitopes lie between two asparagine-linked glycosylation sites (residues 200 and 262) in E2. They are conserved as to position between the mouse virulent T48 strain and the mouse avirulent NB5092 strain.[1]


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