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Mapping of the multiple regulatory sites for putP and putA expression in the putC region of Escherichia coli.

The effects of regulatory proteins on the expression of putP and putA were studied using put-lacZ fusion genes. The expression of the putP-lacZ gene was activated by the glnG gene product and the catabolite gene activator protein (CAP). The putA gene product inhibited activation of putP-lacZ gene expression by CAP or the glnG gene product and its inhibition was greater in the absence of proline. The expression of the putA-lacZ gene was activated by CAP and repressed by the glnG gene product. The putA gene product acted as a repressor in the absence of proline, but not in its presence. Studies using put-lacZ fusion genes with upstream deletions showed that the region required for the activation of putP by CAP was within 234 bp upstream of the translational initiation site and that that for the activation of putA was within 107 bp upstream of the translational initiation site of the putA gene. This supported the suggested locations of CAP binding sites. The region required for induction of putP and putA expression by proline was located at the HpaI site 182 bp upstream of the translational starting site of putA, suggesting that a sequence of dyad symmetry located 1 bp to the left of the HpaI site is a candidate for the binding site of the putA gene product.[1]


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