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Stability-increasing mutants of glucose dehydrogenase from Bacillus megaterium IWG3.

A glucose dehydrogenase gene was isolated from Bacillus megaterium IWG3, and its nucleotide sequence was identified. The amino acid sequence of the enzyme deduced from the nucleotide sequence is very similar to the protein sequence of the enzyme from B. megaterium M1286 reported by Jany et al. (Jany, K.-D., Ulmer, W., Froschle, M., and Pfleiderer, G. (1984) FEBS Lett. 165, 6-10). The isolated gene was mutagenized with hydrazine, formic acid, or sodium nitrite, and 12 clones (H35, H39, F18, F20, F191, F192, N1, N13, N14, N28, N71, and N72) containing mutant genes for thermostable glucose dehydrogenase were obtained. The nucleotide sequences of the 12 genes show that they include 8 kinds of mutants having the following amino acid substitutions: H35 and H39, Glu-96 to Gly; F18 and F191, Glu-96 to Ala; F20, Gln-252 to Leu; F192, Gln-252 to Leu and Ala-258 to Gly; N1, Glu-96 to Lys and Val-183 to Ile; N13 and N14, Glu-96 to Lys, Val-112 to Ala, Glu-133 to Lys, and Tyr-217 to His; N28, Glu-96 to Lys, Asp-108 to Asn, Pro-194 to Gln, and Glu-210 to Lys; and N71 and N72, Tyr-253 to Cys. These mutant enzymes have higher stability at 60 degrees C than the wild-type enzyme. The results of this study indicate that the tetrameric structure of glucose dehydrogenase is stabilized by several kinds of mutation, and at least one of the following amino acid substitutions stabilizes the enzyme: Glu-96 to Gly, Glu-96 to Ala, Gln-252 to Leu, and Tyr-253 to Cys.[1]


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