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Chemical Compound Review

nitrite     nitrite

Synonyms: Nitrit, ONO-, Nitrite Ion, Nitrite(1-), Nitrite anion, ...
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Disease relevance of nitrogen protoxide


Psychiatry related information on nitrogen protoxide

  • This high-risk practice correlated with greater numbers of male sex partners, use of nitrite inhalants, sex in commercial sex environments, perceived difficulty controlling sexual risk-taking, and negative emotional reactions following UAI [6].
  • Inflammatory mediators, nitrate/nitrite, ammonia, aa profiles and a battery of neuropsychological tests were measured [7].
  • We measured the concentration of nitrite and nitrate, indicative of NO production, in the basal forebrain (BF) of rats during sleep deprivation (SD), and found the level increased by 100 +/- 51% [8].
  • The detection limit was around 1 microM NO2-, and the 90% response time was 0.5 to 3 min [9].
  • AIM: The aim of this study was to evaluate the effect of H. pylori infection on gastric motor activity in relation to the level of NO and nitrite in the stomach in humans [10].

High impact information on nitrogen protoxide

  • Inhaled nitrite elicited a rapid and sustained reduction ( approximately 65%) in hypoxia-induced pulmonary hypertension, with a magnitude approaching that of the effects of 20 p.p.m. NO gas inhalation [11].
  • The blood anion nitrite contributes to hypoxic vasodilation through a heme-based, nitric oxide (NO)-generating reaction with deoxyhemoglobin and potentially other heme proteins [11].
  • To test this, we delivered inhaled sodium nitrite by aerosol to newborn lambs with hypoxic and normoxic pulmonary hypertension [11].
  • Vasodilation of rat aortic rings and formation of both NO gas and NO-modified hemoglobin resulted from the nitrite reductase activity of deoxyhemoglobin and deoxygenated erythrocytes [3].
  • Nitrite infusions of 36 and 0.36 micromol/min into the forearm brachial artery resulted in supra- and near-physiologic intravascular nitrite concentrations, respectively, and increased forearm blood flow before and during exercise, with or without NO synthase inhibition [3].

Chemical compound and disease context of nitrogen protoxide


Biological context of nitrogen protoxide

  • Cytochrome c nitrite reductase is a functional dimer, with 10 close-packed haem groups of type c and an unusual lysine-coordinated high-spin haem at the active site [17].
  • The enzyme cytochrome c nitrite reductase catalyses the six-electron reduction of nitrite to ammonia as one of the key steps in the biological nitrogen cycle, where it participates in the anaerobic energy metabolism of dissimilatory nitrate ammonification [17].
  • Inhibitors of glycolysis and of the soluble adenosine triphosphate-dependent proteolytic pathway decreased the protein degradation induced by nitrite, whereas inhibitors of lysosomal proteolysis had no effect [18].
  • Activated M phi also secreted a substance that bleached Fd, a reaction carried out by NO. and NO2, but not NO2-. Macrophage bleaching of Fd correlated directly with time, cell number, and concomitant NO2-/NO3- production, required L-arginine, and was independent of reactive oxygen intermediates [19].
  • On day 12 of gestation, when resorption was clearly visible, resorbing embryos showed more than a fivefold increase in both basal- and LPS-induced nitrite and nitrate production compared to nonresorbing embryos in both mouse strains tested, indicating that the decidual mononuclear cells were primed [20].

Anatomical context of nitrogen protoxide


Associations of nitrogen protoxide with other chemical compounds


Gene context of nitrogen protoxide


Analytical, diagnostic and therapeutic context of nitrogen protoxide

  • The stable products of the L-arginine pathway, NO2- and NO3-, were incapable of causing cytostasis under coculture conditions [34].
  • Treatment of mesangial cells with IL-1beta induces iNOS activity measured as nitrite levels in cell culture supernatants [32].
  • Consistent with hypoxia-dependent nitrite bioactivation, nitrite was reduced to NO, S-nitrosothiols, N-nitros-amines, and iron-nitrosylated heme proteins within 1-30 minutes of reperfusion [35].
  • Ex vivo perfusion of the HNK but not the control kidney (e.g., unobstructed contralateral kidney, CLK), led to a time-dependent release of nitrite (NO2-), a breakdown product of NO [36].
  • Release of NO by ventricular myocytes following exposure to activated macrophage medium was detected as an increase in cGMP content in a reporter-cell (RFL-6) bioassay and also as increased nitrite content in myocyte-conditioned medium [37].


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