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Effects of bile salts on the motor activity of the guinea-pig gall-bladder in vitro.

Intra-luminal pressures were measured in in vitro preparations of the guinea-pig gall bladder. Intrinsic tone and spontaneous activity were recorded together with the response of the gall-bladder to Pancreozymin. The effect of the presence of a variety of conjugated and unconjugated bile salts in the luminal fluid [pH 7.4] was studied. Sodium deoxycholate and sodium chenodeoxycholate had in inhibitory effect on motor activity at concentrations as low as 6.0 times 10(-6) mol. 1(-1) Sodium taurocholate at a concentration of 3 times 10(-3) mol. 1(-1) promoted regular spontaneous activity. The results are discussed in relation to their possible physiological, pathological and pharmacological implications.[1]


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