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Toga-like virus as a cause of fulminant hepatitis attributed to sporadic non-A, non-B.

Virus-like particles (60-70 nm) with spiked surfaces budding into cell vacuoles and rod-shaped inclusions were detected in nuclei of hepatocytes from a British patient transplanted for sporadic non-A, non-B fulminant hepatitis (NANB-FHF), probably contracted in Kenya. Identical particles were seen in two successive grafts (days 2 and 10) at regrafting for recurrent FHF. Ultrastructural features resembled those of the RNA-containing arbovirus, Rift Valley fever virus, but serological markers against a representative panel for arboviruses (Togaviruses) and transmission in mice proved negative. The particles shared features with the different arboviruses seen in the hepatectomy specimen of a second patient with NANB-FHF, and in both patients an insect vector was implicated in the clinical history. The particles were identical in size to those of a third patient with NANB-FHF, who had remained in the United Kingdom. These findings, together with the recent report of isolation of an RNA-containing virus resembling the Togaviridae, in parenteral NANB, suggest that several exotic virus-like agents resembling the arboviruses may be involved in the aetiology of NANB, including in the sporadic forms of FHF in the United Kingdom.[1]


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